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What to consider when writing a resume

Writing a resume for the first time is the hardest part. Even if the first drafts are ready, it doesn't guarantee that there are no mistakes - and it's not about spelling, it's about what HR expects to see. Check yourself out with our tips!

Crafting a resume

You probably know what items should be in your resume: contact information, education, work experience https://resumegets.com/resume-rewrite. But how to properly design and arrange these items? For example, you can download or buy a ready-made template with an elaborate structure. Choose a template based on the field of work: legal department - conservative and simple, marketing department - more colors and interesting fonts.

Contact information

Be sure to include your means of contact: email, which you check regularly, cell phone. If your e-mail hints at your hobbies or contains your year of birth, it is worth to make a new address for business purposes, where before the @ sign there will only be the last name or surname and initials. You can provide links to social networks and messenger usernames. Many HRs get to know the candidate in absentia, so make sure that your profile describes you in the best way.


If you don't have any work experience yet, detail your educational background. Include your university, your major, and your thesis topic. If you have information about GPA (grade point average) - it would be helpful to put it in. Recall and tell about student conferences and competitions, which you participated in - preferably they were relevant to the position for which you are applying. If you've written interesting term papers or worked on research in a field close to your potential job, tell us about it.

Work Experience

If you don't have relevant experience, you shouldn't make anything up. However, you can think of something that will demonstrate your professional skills. Think of all the projects you've done: student council, you're likely to organize events; writing for the student newspaper, you have a good writing style; working as a teaching assistant, you're reliable. Also try building a portfolio of personal or student work.