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For Capital Providers | Maryland Commercial PACE

C-PACE for Capital Providers

The MD-PACE program is an open source funding model – meaning that any capital provider can lend!

C-PACE surcharges are a great opportunity for lenders because they are secure investments. Like a property tax lien, the surcharge lien securing the C-PACE financing has priority over other liens on the property. Therefore, the risk of loss from non-payment of a C-PACE loan is minimal compared to most other types of loans.

C-PACE surcharges provide lenders with an attractive new product to assist existing and new customers in addressing an almost universal pent-up demand for needed commercial and industrial property equipment modernization. In order to protect the interests of holders of existing mortgage loans on the property, the Maryland C-PACE statute requires their written consent to the C-PACE surcharge as a condition to obtaining a C-PACE loan. Importantly, the C-PACE surcharge does not accelerate in the case of a delinquency or default.

The MD-PACE program has established best-in-class servicing for C-PACE surcharges – providing much needed confidence to lenders. We have leveraged C-PACE experience and technology to help develop a highly efficient C-PACE administration and servicing platform. All of which has earned us national recognition as the gold standard in C-PACE financing.

Resources for Capital Providers

Capital Provider Registration Form

All capital providers who wish to execute C-PACE financing in the jurisdiction of the MD-PACE Program must register with the program. Complete the registration form and return it to info@paceservicing.com.

C-PACE for Banking Professionals

C-PACE financing requires the express consent of any preexisting mortgage holders or similar lien holders on the property. This document explains why such mortgage or lien holders may wish to provide consent. Document courtesy of PACENation.