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Engaging Anew with Stakeholders | Maryland Commercial PACE

Engaging Anew with Stakeholders

Programmatic Updates

The MD-PACE program is pleased to report a considerable increase in contractor and capital provider interest over the past year. Since 2017, contractor registration increased by 60% and capital provider registrations by 12%. This level of stakeholder engagement is a sign of the success of the MD-PACE program.

Considering this interest, the MD-PACE program decided to host a re-registration session for all contractors and capital providers to reengage with those interested parties, refresh contact information, and collect information that could be useful for potential C-PACE applicants. As part of this process, the program reissued updated registration forms, hosted a re-training webinar, and is updating the program website to reflect the outcome of this re-registration process.

The sustained interest in the MD-PACE program on the part of some of its strongest partners – contractors and capital providers – is a clear sign that this is a healthy program that will thrive in the years to come.