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MD-PACE Calendar of Events January 2021 | Maryland Commercial PACE

Please join the MD-PACE program at a number of sustainability and clean energy related events throughout the month of December!

MD-PACE is excited to promote the many virtual clean energy related events taking place throughout the state of Maryland this month!


1/11 ULI Baltimore – What to Expect for CRE and the Economy

The fifth annual iteration of this virtual event could not come at a more important time: in this virtual event, learn how the economy is recovering, which sectors still need help to resume expected robusticity, and what trends in 2020 are here for good. Questions are encouraged!

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1/12 Better Buildings – Beyond Energy Savings: Quantifying the Additional Benefits from Energy Efficiency

A month full of engaging, cutting-edge programming by Better Buildings starts with a webinar on the additional benefits of energy efficiency improvements to properties. These benefits can range from reducing operating and maintenance costs and increasing collateral value to making working spaces healthier and safer for employees.

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1/13 Better Buildings – Integrated Lighting Campaign (ILC): Recognition Opportunities for Supporters

On Wednesday 1/13, Better Buildings presents a webinar on how property owners can benefit through participation in the Integrated Lighting Campaign (ILC), a campaign to optimize properties through informed energy systems. Topics discussed in this webinar will include how to successfully streamline energy use, deliver value, and communicate advantages to tenants and other stakeholders.

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1/14 Better Buildings – Fault Detection and Diagnostics in the Age of Covid-19

Fault Detection and Diagnostics, or FDD, is the process of using data and quantitative measures to identify areas of waste and opportunities for improved cash flow in building systems. The COVID-19 pandemic provided unforeseen system shocks that greatly altered outcomes; in this webinar, learn what opportunities still exist and how you can still find profit in your property through informed use of FDD.

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1/19 Better Buildings – One Size Does Not Fit All: Lessons Learned from Financing Large and Small Energy Retrofits

Retrofitting commercial property can result in cost savings ranging from small to substantial. However, depending on the size of the property, greater or lesser savings can be realized, sometimes in surprising ways. Learn more in this webinar from Better Buildings.

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1/21 Better Buildings – The Value of Green Leasing

A “green lease” is a lease that helps to align tenant and landlord interests for the mutual benefit of improving non owner-occupied properties with energy efficiency upgrades. In this webinar, learn how instituting such a lease can help owners to save money while improving tenant satisfaction and reducing personal costs.

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1/22 ULI Baltimore – Webinar Series: ULI Blueprint for Green Real Estate

This webinar series from ULI Baltimore will help to accelerate the sustainability plans of property owners and real estate investors. The first webinar is entitled, “Building the Foundation of a Sustainability Program”. The dates of subsequent webinars are currently February 26, March 19, and April 23.

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1/25 Maryland Clean Energy Center – 2021 Policy Watch Webinar series: Climate Action Strategies and Environmental Priorities

This is the first webinar of a six-part 2021 Policy Watch Webinar series. Denoting its importance, the first webinar will center on climate action strategies and environmental priorities for Maryland’s legislators, businesses, and people. Learn from this webinar what key legislative items will be when the 2021 session starts.

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1/28 Better Buildings – Minimizing Infectious Disease Spread in Buildings: How HVAC Guidance has Evolved

In this webinar, learn from an expert panel discussion on infection disease and technology that can reduce its spread in commercial property. Current best practices, as well as strategies to protect against the next outbreak, will be discussed.

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1/28 ULI Baltimore – Emerging Trends in Real Estate

For property owners in the Baltimore area, this webinar will answer important questions related to commercial real estate trends in this vibrant and rapidly evolving city. Learn what trends may boost value, encourage growth, or benefit investment.

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