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Please join the MD-PACE program at a number of sustainability and clean energy related events throughout the month of July!

MD-PACE is excited to promote the many virtual clean energy related events taking place throughout Maryland and the region this month!


7/1 Better Buildings – How to identify CHP projects that fit your goals

On July 1, the Department of Energy experts presented on the benefits of combined heat and power (CHP) projects to properties and provided insight into completing a step-by-step screening analysis for CHP – a no-cost service provided to end-users through the DOE CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships (TAP) program.

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7/7 ULI Baltimore – Small Scale Redevelopment Tour and Discussion: 2600 Huntingdon Ave

Adaptive reuse of existing properties is an exciting way to sustainably breathe new life into an area and can offer substantial benefits over new construction. This event hosted by ULI Baltimore included a tour of the adaptive reuse project at 2600 Huntingdon Ave in Baltimore. A discussion following the tour explored the challenges related to the redevelopment process for small scale projects as well as the process for navigating financing for market-rate multifamily projects.

A recording of this event has not been made public.

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7/14 ULI Americas – Paradigm Shift: Navigating the Impacts of Covid on Real Estate Practice

The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly impacted the commercial real estate market including affecting the ways that commercial buildings are operated and managed. With many in the United States going back to working in person, it’s time to consider what changes are here to stay, and which are likely to be temporary. This webinar from ULI America’s includes a summary of a survey of building owners around the country and an exploration of the paradigm shift happening in CRE.

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7/16 ULI Americas – Terwilliger Center Monthly Webinar Series: Construction Innovation

There are now many innovative techniques being utilized in construction, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. In this webinar, industry experts will go over some of these new techniques and give background context, listing real world examples of innovative construction approaches being deployed across different markets and describing private and public sector perspectives on potential new construction practices.

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7/19 Better Buildings – Office Buildings and Ventilation: How COVID-19 and other pathogens spread between zones

As people return to working together in person, office managers and commercial real estate must seek to control potential risks of disease spread. In this webinar from Better Buildings, Dr. Jason DeGraw of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) will discuss the effect of ventilation rates on the concentration and spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens within office buildings as well as the energy implications of the ventilation strategies addressed.

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7/20 Better Buildings – Workplace Evolution: Supporting Occupant Health While Achieving Energy Efficiency

The COVID-19 pandemic changed daily operations for many industries, commercial real estate among them. Due to COVID-19, building owners and operators were forced to invest in new practices to ensure the health and safety of tenants while continuing to pursue ambitious energy and carbon reductions. In this webinar from Better Buildings, join a discussion between DOE and industry leaders that focuses on the dual benefits of energy efficiency in tenant satisfaction and cost-reduction in the developing CRE market.

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7/26 2021 Congressional Clean Energy EXPO and Policy Forum

In this industry leading energy and policy forum, top experts will share findings and innovations impacting the future of climate change mitigation tactics, economic development, resiliency, and security. Topics include an exploration of climate change and security concerns, renewable energy forecasts, and climate change’s impact on the economy.

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7/27 Better Buildings – Energy-Saving Envelope Success Stories

Energy efficiency enabled by investments in building envelopes can yield surprising savings. In this webinar, DOE will spotlight participants of the Building Envelope Campaign’s first year and advise best practices for achieving high-performance building envelopes.

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