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MD-PACE Calendar of Events July 2020 | Maryland Commercial PACE

Please join the MD-PACE program at a number of sustainability and clean energy related events throughout the month of July!

MD-PACE is excited to share many virtual clean energy related events taking place throughout the state of Maryland this month!


6/29-7/2 Better Buildings’ 2020 ASHRAE Virtual Conference

Due to health concerns, the annual ASHRAE conference has been moved online. This means that attendees can access all content virtually, rather than having to travel to a remote destination. This is a great opportunity for anyone in the electrical engineering field to learn and network.

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7/8 USGBC’s A Map to Improving Your Building Performance to Exceed the BEPS

USGBC’s National Capital Region (NCR) invites building owners, managers, tenants and advisors in the greater DC region and beyond to learn from experts about ASHRAE’s Standard 100. Standard 100 is a detailed and instructive set of suggestions for achieving building sustainability and energy efficiency, and many property owners and developers use them as a guide to high building performance. With the new DC Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) to take effect in 2021, the webinar seeks to instruct property managers on how to achieve or even exceed these standards. Sign up now or reach out to MD-PACE to start the process of greater energy-efficiency for your property!

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7/9 Better Buildings’ Program Design with Everyone in Mind: Low-Income Solar Program Strategies

This webinar from Better Buildings will cover successful examples of low-income solar programs and best practices, including the Solar in Your Community Challenge and the Clean Energy for Low Income Communities Accelerator. Current panelists for this webinar include Emily Schapira of the Philadelphia Energy Authority, Nate Hausman of the Clean Energy States Alliance, and Chris Jedd of the Denver Housing authority.

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7/9 USGBC Georgia’s Virtual Webinar on The Green Awakening and Your Building’s CO2 Footprint

This low-cost virtual event by USGBC Georgia will feature University of Georgia, College of Engineering Professor Tom Lawrence, who will use his industry expertise to predict future policies that may affect property efficiency standards. Existing and future buildings will likely soon need to comply with stringent efficiency baselines set by the local or state government; learn what will be affected, how to compile a carbon inventory, and how you can get a head start on efficiency.

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7/15 ULI’s Net Zero Buildings: A Master Class

An extension of ULI’s Responsible Property Investment Council webinar series, the next virtual event in July will feature a pioneer in the field of Net Zero Emissions, Kevin Bates. Net Zero Buildings combine high efficiency with on-site renewable energy production, allowing them to be carbon neutral and transforming a cost into an asset. Find out how your commercial property can be a Net Zero Building!

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7/16 USGBC MD: Demystifying Net-Zero

If you are interested by Net Zero Buildings but are still unsure, join this event by USGBC and learn how Net Zero can be a reliable form of property investment. New Ecology, Inc.’s Joshua Galloway and long-time friend of MD-PACE Ben Roush of FSI Consulting Engineers will lend their expert insight into the economics of financing a net zero building and provide guidance on designing or retrofitting a NZB. Click the link below to learn more!

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7/16 Better Buildings’ Next-Generation Building Performance Policies: Maximizing Energy Savings and Environmental Impacts

This event by Better Buildings will host expert speaker Dave Epley of the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs to discuss how cities are increasing baseline efficiency standards for buildings. Many organizations, including the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), believe that efficiency standards for non-residential buildings are a high-impact strategy for meeting national climate goals. Remember that C-PACE can finance these improvements for no money down and extend repayment over the useful life, improving liquidity!

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7/22 USGBC’s GPRO Fundamentals of Building Green

Learn how to see buildings differently, and in the process learn how to build them with efficiency, resiliency, and cost-effectiveness in mind. This webinar welcomes a variety of industry representatives, including those with backgrounds in architecture, real estate, construction, and more.

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