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Please join the MD-PACE program at a number of sustainability and clean energy related events throughout the month of November!

MD-PACE is excited to promote the many virtual clean energy related events taking place throughout Maryland and the region this month!


11/9 Better Buildings – Finance Your Way to a Low-Carbon Future

With a growing number of businesses and industries looking to reduce carbon emissions, the question many are asking is how to finance these necessary investments. In this webinar from Better Buildings, three expert lending organizations share their expertise on financing a low-carbon future.

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11/10 USGBC Maryland, National Capital Region, and Virginia – Net Zero Schools Leadership Panel

Schools across the country can benefit from energy efficiency and renewable energy investment. The NCR-MD-VA region is home to several schools that lead the nation in net zero operations, including the nation’s first LEED Zero School, Discovery Elementary. Join this webinar to learn from a panel of experts on how to create net zero projects locally, with particular focuses on the following:

  • Cost of net zero schools vs. traditional schools
  • Overcoming space-related challenges
  • Equity in high performance schools
  • Bringing net zero schools to underserved communities

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11/16 Better Buildings – Cleaner, Better, Faster, Stronger: Industrial Adoption of Renewables

Renewable and clean energy investments are increasingly being contemplated by industrial organizations in the United States to increase resiliency and boost profits. In this webinar, learn what technologies industrial organizations are turning to, as well as the financing mechanisms for accessing them. Also in this webinar, Better Buildings will introduce Better Plants’ new guide, “Renewable Energy Guidance for Industry.”

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11/17 Better Buildings – Better Buildings Water Savings Network Peer Exchange: Tackling Water Data Barriers

In this webinar, Better Buildings Water Savings Network offers a peer exchange on water usage data tracking and monitoring, and the challenges that frequently obstruct full understanding of water consumption.

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11/18 Better Buildings – Overcoming Homeowner Lack of Efficiency Knowledge?

A frequently experienced barrier to energy efficiency contracting for residential properties is insufficient knowledge and interest by the homeowner; this is despite the clear monetary savings that can be achieved through even minor upgrades. In this webinar, hear from experts recounting real-life situations of how to improve the energy efficiency “pitch”.

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11/30 Better Buildings – Put Your Money on It: Investing in Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency can be a difficult sell to customers that require long-term financial projections before making decisions; a recent report by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab may help to remedy this by providing context in the form of a groundbreaking analysis of the long-term performance of four energy efficiency financing programs. Join this webinar from Better Buildings to learn how financial institutions can improve energy efficiency marketing efforts to customers, using best practices described in this report.

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