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MD-PACE Calendar of Events December 2020 | Maryland Commercial PACE

Please join the MD-PACE program at a number of sustainability and clean energy related events throughout the month of December!

MD-PACE is excited to promote the many virtual clean energy related events taking place throughout the state of Maryland this month!


December 8 Better Buildings Save Energy and Money with the Building Envelope Campaign

The building envelope often is not prioritized by property owners and managers seeking to improve efficiency, but the envelope (windows, walls, roofs) accounts for approximately 30% of the primary energy consumed in commercial buildings. The Building Envelope Campaign (BEC), a program designed to educate and assist property owners in achieving savings through increased envelope efficiency. Join this free webinar on December 8th to learn how you can save through creative energy solutions.

Register here.


December 10 Better Buildings A Team Effort: Balancing Energy Efficiency and Reimagining the Office Space

Better Buildings offers another important virtual webinar on December 10th, entitled “A Team Effort: Balancing Energy Efficiency and reimagining Office Space”. Due to COVID-19, new strategies and interior designs are being explored in order to optimize space, improve health, and increase efficiency. Learn how three industry-leading programs – Green Lease Leaders, Urban Land Institute’s Tenant Energy Optimization Program (TEOP), and ENERGY STAR Tenant Space – can help your bottom line and attract and retain tenants.

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December 14 USGBC MD Baltimore City and the 2018 IgCC

In 2015, Baltimore City adopted the International Green Construction Code (IgCC), a series of guidelines for achieving sustainability and efficiency in architecture. On December 14 join USGBC MD and Katy Byrne, Assistant Commissioner of the Baltimore City Department of Housing & Community Development, for a discussion on the 2018 building codes and how commercial property owners can benefit.

Register here.


December 15 USGBC LEED for Cities and Communities End of Year Recognition Event

In its annual event, the U.S. Green Building Council celebrates the accomplishments of cities and communities that have contributed to LEED programs and properties this year. Attend to network and learn how cities and communities are achieving LEED certification in new and creative ways.

Register here.


December 15 Frederick Real Estate Investors Connect

Join this webinar on December 15th as part of the Frederick Real Estate Investors Connect Series. Network with fellow real estate investors and learn how the CRE market in Maryland will continue to develop in the future.

Register here.


December 16 ULI A Briefing on the Biden Climate Plan – Implications for Real Estate and Infrastructure

The upcoming administration and its plan to tackle climate change may have far-reaching impacts on real estate and infrastructure. Register for this event from Global ULI to hear the panel of experts discuss how real estate may benefit or be otherwise affected by the Biden Climate Plan.

Register here. 


December 18 NAIOP Virtual Awards of Excellence 2020

The Maryland Chapter of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association invites you to its annual Awards of Excellence presentation. Learn about the state of Maryland commercial real estate and celebrate your colleagues in their successes of 2020.

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