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Please join the MD-PACE program at a number of sustainability and clean energy related events throughout the month of November!

MD-PACE is excited to promote the many virtual clean energy related events taking place throughout the state of Maryland this month!


November 3: ULI The Role of Public/Private Partnerships: Infrastructure

2020 illuminated the cracks in the nation’s infrastructure that exposed us to wildfires, storms, and illness. To expand the nation’s capacity for handling future events, experts believe that our national infrastructure needs to be reinvigorated through combined efforts from the public, private, and non-profit sectors. To learn how public-private partnerships may affect infrastructure in the future, register for this event from the Urban Land Institute on November 3rd.

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November 5 MCEC Fall Speaker Series: The Future of Nuclear Energy

With this final virtual event, MCEC concludes the 2020 Speaker Series by focusing on the potential that nuclear energy has to put us on a path to decarbonization. Nuclear energy is widely misunderstood and misrepresented, but many supporters continue to push for its involvement in the clean energy future. Learn about the benefits and opportunities that nuclear energy provides in this final event by the Maryland Clean Energy Center.

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November 9: Carbon Neutrality in Investment Real Estate

Join this presentation on real estate investment November 9th, courtesy of the Responsible Property Investing Product Council (RPIC). In this webinar, the expert panel will address many of the questions surrounding the trend of carbon neutrality in real estate, what the trends forecast, and what this can mean for the prudent investor.

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November 10 ULI The Role of Public/Private Partnerships: Repurposing Existing Land Uses

For the second iteration November’s “The Role of Public/Private Partnerships” webinar series, ULI changes the focus to repurposing existing land uses. This issue of land usage underpins many societal concerns and directly impacts the commercial real estate market and property valuation. Sign up for this webinar to learn more from an expert panel.

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November 10 SEIA Overcoming Storage Interconnection Barriers

Join a cutting-edge conversation in this virtual event on the Building a Technically Reliable Interconnection Evolution for Storage (BATRIES) project, a three-year DOE funded initiative that seeks to identify and address barriers to energy storage interconnection.

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November 10-12 Greenbuild International Conference & Expo 2020

The largest green building conference in the world, the 2020 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo continues its tradition of providing world-class educational opportunities as well as newly developed avenues for virtual collaboration and networking.

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November 13 ULI Baltimore On the Rise: Social Equity and Health in Real Estate

Following the events of this year, the national real estate market may have to adjust for higher standards of public health and social equity, some industry experts say. Register for this event from ULI Baltimore to learn what tenants may expect in the future, and how forward-thinking property managers can lead the way for the real estate market.

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November 16-20 Energy Efficiency Evolving: Policy, Equity, & Market Transformation in the Mid-Atlantic

Energy Efficiency Evolving is a new regional policy conference that will explore the interconnections between energy, policy, and the economy. The weeklong event will host industry leaders as speakers and a variety of subjects to learn about and provide invaluable chances to virtually meet and intellectually collaborate with industry colleagues.

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December 2: ULI Americas 2020 Virtual Resilience Summit

In order to reduce the effects of the current crisis, and to plan for the next, it is imperative to think about our systems in a way that prioritizes resilience. This December 2nd summit by ULI Americas will cover the importance of resilience for all industries and will focus on strategies to address volatility.
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