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Welcome to the New MD-PACE Program Manager | Maryland Commercial PACE

Welcome to the New MD-PACE Program Manager

Programmatic Updates

MD-PACE is pleased to introduce Jessa Coleman, the new Program Manager of the MD-PACE program! This summer, MD-PACE said goodbye to Gerard Neely, who has chosen to move on to other work in the industry. We thank him for all the hard work he did to onboard counties across the state to the MD-PACE program. Jessa joined us as his replacement in July.

Jessa is a native of Frederick, MD and thus excited to be back in her home state in a position that allows her to help drive economic growth and energy efficiency in the state. She recently returned to the United States after several years abroad consulting for private enterprises dedicated to social or environmental causes and non-profits. She has developed data-centric business strategies for an energy services company in France; created a marketing strategy and monitoring and evaluation study for a business accelerator in East Africa; managed a microfinance institution in Cameroon; and provided strategic support to small biofuels companies across Africa, among other projects. Her experience in program management, data management, and strategy fit MD-PACE’s needs. Moving forward, Jessa intends on ramping up ongoing operations such as marketing (participating in events, communicating more actively online through social media and this newsletter, liaising regularly with community partners, etc.) to boost MD-PACE’s brand across the state and in the region. She looks forward to continuing to build this innovative program alongside MD-PACE’s many stakeholders.