The Mid-Atlantic PACE Alliance (MAPA) is continuing to put on virtual events during temporary stay-at-home orders. This is a great opportunity to access webinars and learning events that might otherwise be difficult to attend, and to do so from the comfort of home. MAPA has two new, upcoming events in May and June. The first is a webinar entitled “C-PACE for Solar”, on May 26th, and the second a webinar for “Financing C-PACE with Regional and Local Lending Partners” on June 9th. These two virtual events explore complex areas of C-PACE, and how property owners and other interested individuals can take advantage of no money down financing to decrease utility costs, boost property value, help the global effort to decrease climate change, and improve local economies! The below text is borrowed directly from MAPA’s event description.

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing is most often used for energy efficiency upgrades to buildings, such as new lighting and HVAC systems. However, C-PACE can also be used to finance renewable energy systems in combination with energy efficiency improvements, or solely for renewable energy systems such as solar PV. Because C-PACE financing offers long loan terms (up to 30 years), it works advantageously in making PV systems pencil, reducing energy costs long term for building owners, and growing the distributed solar market. C-PACE allows a building owner to finance purchase of the PV system and take advantage of the available Federal Investment Tax Credit.

The Mid-Atlantic PACE Alliance (MAPA) is offering a free webinar on May 26th. Our presenters will discuss the process and advantages of using C-PACE to finance rooftop solar PV systems, and provide examples of how solar and other technologies can be financed using C-PACE.


  • John Burns, Adler Financial

  • Paul Fuhrmann, Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Michele Pitale, CounterpointeSRE
  • Moderator: Abby Johnson, Virginia PACE Authority


Pace Financial Servicing is excited to amplify our local partner’s event presence, and we hope you attend!