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For Government | Maryland Commercial PACE

C-PACE for Government

The MD-PACE Program offers everything your county needs to make C-PACE a success
The MD-PACE program has been designed to ease the burden of C-PACE administration for Counties that want offer C-PACE financing to their building owners.
For counties to opt in to MD-PACE, their legislative body must first pass an ordinance or resolution to empower the county to sign an agreement with the Maryland Clean Energy Center, an instrumentality of the state.


See the Map of Participating MD-PACE jurisdictions.

Open Market Administration

  • Allows any capital providers to finance deals at a low application cost

Outsourced C-PACE Administration

  • No fee for county
  • Collects regular, small fees from PACE projects to support administration
Resources for Government

MD-PACE Information Sheet for Local Governments

A high level explanation and of C-PACE along with FAQs by local governments on the MD-PACE Program. This document focuses specifically on the needs and concerns of local governments in opting into the MD-PACE Program.

Draft County Ordinance to Establish a C-PACE Program

This is a draft county ordinance to establish a C-PACE program. The draft reflects references to the Maryland state statute. It can also be used as an appropriate draft by similarly governed local jurisdictions, such as an incorporated city.

Agreement Between County & MCEC to Join MD-PACE Program

As the MD-PACE Program is sponsored by the MD Clean Energy Center (MCEC), any county opting into the program must execute an Agreement with MCEC that governs the administrative responsibilities of each party.